Watersprings School Academics


Watersprings School strives for excellence in academics. We provide an educational experience that engages our students in their academic level. This helps them learn to analyze, create and evaluate. As part of our mission to train our students academically, we focus on hiring quality teachers, utilizing curriculum with a Biblical worldview and academic rigor, and challenging our students to their fullest potential in every subject area.


Watersprings School is a member of ACSI. Our Jr. High/High School is accredited through ACSI and Advanced ED, the same organization that accredits our local public schools.

Preschool and Elementary Curriculum

Our primary curriculum is published by Bob Jones University Press. This is a Christian curriculum that supports strong thinking skills. ACSI and Purposeful Design are also used selectively. Check out our Course of Study by clicking here.
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Curriculum Overviews

Please check out our Curriculum Overviews per grade by clicking the links below. Each overview includes curriculum, content taught, specialty classes, and opportunities for parent involvement throughout the year.

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Middle School/High School Course of Study

Click here for the Middle School/High School Course of Study (opens in new window)


Using a trimester system, students must earn 61 credits to graduate. One credit is earned for each trimester class passed. The requirements for graduation from Watersprings School are as follows:

Core requirements:
Students in class 11 credits English/Literature *
8 credits Math (two must be taken during student’s senior year)
11 credits Science
10 credits History (2 Geography, 3 US History, 2 US Govt, 2 World History, I Economics)
8 credits Bible (students must take Bible each trimester at Watersprings)
1 credit Health
1 credit Speech
1 credit Career Development

51 credits Total core requirements
10 credits Electives (minimum of 2 Foreign Language, 2 PE**)

61 credits Graduation Requirement * PSAT prep during sophomore year of English. PSAT, SAT, and ACT prep during junior year of English.

**At Watersprings School, students who participate in sports are eligible to earn additional credits. These are reflected on the student’s transcript as a participation credit in the appropriate sport. While a student can potentially earn many PE credits for PE classes taken and sports played, only 4 of the required 10 elective credits can be physical education related. The remaining 6 credits must be received for taking non-PE classes.

Because of the emphasis on a Christian perspective in learning, and our mission statement of developing the whole person for Christ, students are expected to meet graduation requirements through Watersprings offered or approved courses. Therefore, all classes offered by Watersprings School must be taken on campus unless other arrangements are approved by the administration.

flower logoElective Policy
Girls Basketball We offer a variety of electives each trimester. Students are given the list of options and a chance to select their top three choices. Preferential distribution is given to the highest grade in order to meet graduation requirements, and then requests are filled from the higher grades down.

Parents are informed of the elective options and given a chance to discuss them with their children. After a student selects their elective and are assigned to a class, only extenuating circumstances will be considered for a change of class. Any changes must occur in the first week of the new trimester.